Mermaid kalipygos - the lino print

Mermaid kalipygos lino print 6x4 inches (15x10cm)
Here is the mermaid lino print from the pencil sketch. Kalipygos is Greek for beautiful bottom, after an ancient Greek statue of that name.

To get the sketch onto the lino I traced it onto tracing paper then rubbed over the lines on the reverse with a soft pencil. Then I placed the tracing onto the lino and drew over the lines again with a hard pencil. In this way the soft pencil on the back acted in a similar way to carbon paper and the image was transferred onto the lino.

The seaweed I drew freehand onto the lino directly, using images of seaweed from the internet for inspiration. The fish was a suggestion from my lovely wife and I drew it from imagination.

The design deliberately lines up with the lino print of the mermaid with floaty hair, so they could be printed side by side to form a singe image. 

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