Making a lino print - 2

Having inked the image onto the lino, I start cutting away the areas I want to be un-inked (in this case it will be a black-and-white image, so I cut away the areas that are to be white).

Instead of the usual lino cutting tools I use Japanese wood block tools (see picture). I am told that tools for Western hardwood woodcuts are fine too. Not only do the usual tools not cut well, they are also not particularly cheap. 

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If you have regular lino cutting tools you may find cutting easier if you warm the lino with an iron. However this interrupts the work and with proper tools it is not necessary.

I use the little v-shaped tool almost exclusively. This gives as fine a measure of control as you can reasonably expect with lino. I start with the mermaid's face because this is the part of the image that is most critical and if I mess up here I shall have to start again. I tend to cut away a little less than may be necessary since corrections can be made later, whereas if I cut away too much, nothing can be done.

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