Mermaid with crab

Here is another mermaid. I am having technical problems with this one as it is a bit too small for the amount of detail on it.

The original size of the lino block is 3x3 inches (76x76mm). I shall be working on this and post the final state later. This one is printed on grey packing paper.


More mermaids

I shall be opening during Richmond Open Studios this summer, and to that end I am working on some lino prints of mermaids. These are inspired by Milton Marmalade's masterpiece-in-the-making: A Fishy Tale and are also an excuse to draw mermaids.

Here is an early state of Mermaid with a dolphin.

Original print size (excluding border) 6x8 inches (150x203mm).

I intend to produce this one in a limited edition of 30 copies.