Would you know what to do if a mermaid turned up in your bath?

'A Mermaid in the Bath' (previous title 'A Fishy Tale'), the humorous philosophical-spiritual novel by Milton Marmalade, will be available on e-readers and in print soon. To read it now completely free go to: http://www.wattpad.com/story/7410604-a-mermaid-in-the-bath-or-how-to-achieve-your

Here is my work on the cover. This version is not used on Wattpad because of Canadian sensibilities regarding nipples, where I have had to superimpose a scallop shell bra, which is totally against the principles of mermaids and of fairyland in general. 

First the pencil sketch, contrast-enhanced and with text added in photoshop:

I traced the design onto tracing paper and copied it in reverse onto a sheet of lino (see previous blog entries on lino printing for method). Since my printing press is in storage I had to use the back-of-a-spoon method for printing.

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