Please transfer your allegiance to my new blog, thank you

Frontispiece by Martin Dace from A Mermaid in the Bath by Milton Marmalade

My new art blog is at daceart.wordpress.com. Originally I abandoned Wordpress because I found it difficult to use, but while it takes a bit of getting used to, it allows me to display my work in a more professional form. It also means there is lots for you to look at even if I don't manage to post very often.

Milton Marmalade's blog is at miltonmarmalade.blogspot.co.uk. Milton Marmalade is the author of A Mermaid in the Bath, for which I did the illustrations. It is the story of how a rather dull and ordinary man is transformed by his heroic rescue of a captured mermaid, and it is full of love, life, random experiences of higher consciousness (that is to say, consciousness), together with quite a few jokes.