A Fishy Tale by Milton Marmalade

Rough sketch for the cover of A Fishy Tale by Milton Marmalade
What happens when an ordinary and slightly boring accountant finds a mermaid in his bath? This is the beginning of a tale of love, longing, heroic struggle, the power of friendship, the meaning of life, the universe and rubber ducks.

Rubber ducks. The ones that float in the bath. You never know what things mean these days. There appears to be no consensus in the Urban Dictionary about the meaning of rubber duck, but someone, somewhere will be using the term in a lewd fashion. For shame.

Actually rubber ducks do not play a major role in this story except in chapter one. But there is a Morris Minor in it and the plot involves hallucinogenic chillies, an illegal immigrant called Lola 'Hotstuff' Tabasco and a rather uptight policeman. But I am getting ahead of myself.

One of my associates, Milton Marmalade, is writing this thrilling tale and it will be serialised shortly FREE to read on Wattpad, the zany Canadian web site that allows any writer anywhere to publish their stuff online.

The sketch above is the outline of my cover design for Milton's book on Wattpad. I still have to put all the suckers on the giant squid's tentacles and generally firm up the whole drawing. I think it would look good done as a linocut but that would take more time than I have right now.

Once the design is complete I shall post it here and also the link to chapter one of Milton Marmalade's story as soon as it's available. Remember the name folks, because I think Milton has written a real page-turner. 

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