Making a lino print - 1

Here is the drawing I am starting with. I haven't yet thought out all the details of the design - these will emerge as I work with the medium. The next stage is to transfer the drawing to the surface of the lino. To this end I scribble on the back of the drawing using a soft pencil (3B or softer) - see below:

Then I place the drawing face up on the lino and draw over the lines with a hard pencil (H or harder). This will transfer the image to the lino. Then I start to ink in the design. You will see that I have missed a bit and so have to repeat the process for that detail.
Below is the inked in version. I am still deciding whether to fill the sea with waves and the rock with seaweed or to have large areas of black and let the mermaid's body be the only thing that this print is about. Once I have decided that I can begin cutting.

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